Day 18: Relationships

Honor all people; three short words. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It’s easy to honor people we’ve decided are honorable, but that may not include all the people in our life. God’s Word commands (not suggests) us to honor all people, it’s the foundation for building and maintaining our relationships. 

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Suzanne Young
Day 17: Peace

There is much going on in our world and communities that could steal our joy and peace, and sometimes we do let it. But we can easily get that peace back. Paul wrote to the church at Philippi to give encouragement and instruction on maintaining their peace.

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David Harris
Day 16: Joy

“Have you had your happy juice?” When I heard those words it meant that I was letting the stress show on my face. I was on the management team at Starbucks and when things got intense the staff knew that a little espresso would help me shift into hyper-speed and smile brilliantly: happy juice!!!

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Laura Laing
Day 15: Love

My son recently got a “Thomas the Train” train track set as a gift. I opened up the box, took out the pieces, laid them out, and followed the instructions. This was all done in secret as he took his nap. When he woke up and saw the train tracks, his face was filled with joy as he walked around amazed.

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Jason Ferreira
Day 14: Fear Not

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. One of our co-workers just lost their job… and our first thought is “What If” I lose mine? It’s flu season and we think to ourselves… “What If” I get it? We didn’t lose our job… we didn’t get the flu… but yet we substitute the “What If” from the “What Is”. 

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David Spataro
Day 13: Finances

In His Word, God makes it clear that He has a plan for our lives and has called us to a higher purpose. We are called to be diligent with our time and the resources that we have been given, and this means that we are to be good money managers.

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Chris Friedrich
Day 12: Healing

Faith always begins where the will of God is known. In order for us to receive our healing, we need to believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God wants us well. No one can receive something they don’t believe belongs to them. They will always hesitate in the receiving if they don’t believe it is theirs.

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Wendy Veillette
Day 11: Communities

A community is defined as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. It is also described as a feeling of fellowship with others, a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

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Denise Darlington
Day 10: Children

God calls your children a heritage, a reward, AND an arrow!

An arrow in the hand of a warrior is his weapon for war. Why does God refer to our children as weapons? Does that seem odd? God desires your children to be “dangerous for good.

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Diane Tohline
Day 9: Marriage

Have you ever heard the saying that “marriages are made in heaven?” Sounds wonderful and who wouldn’t want that, except that these marriages that are made in heaven, have to be lived out here on earth. Herein the challenge lies. 

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Verna Del Turco
Day 8: Schools

Most of our children attend non-Christian public and private schools that forbid prayer and Biblical instruction. As Christians let’s look at the school systems as our partners in education and not our enemy.  We do our part to instruct our children in God’s Word (Bible knowledge, Biblical principles, and Godly values).

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Dr. Earl Darlington
Day 7: The Favor of God

Did you know that God wants to bless you? Many people live their whole lives with a misconception of who God really is and how He thinks towards them as His children. This Scripture tells us that because we are in right standing with God, that His favor actually surrounds us everyday.

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Josh Roberts
Day 6: Destiny

Before the foundation of the world, you were on God’s mind. Before you were in your mother’s mind, you were on God’s mind. Today’s verse should fill you with a sense of destiny. It’s your spiritual birthright as a follower of Christ.

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Jonathan Del Turco
Day 5: Worship

“Have it all Lord!” I have prayed and sang this phrase more times than I can count. I have said it passively, as a cute religious phrase, such as “God is good” (I know you’re responding in your mind….”all the time”).

I have dealt with an autoimmune disorder for most of my life and there have been times that “all” of me has been so broken, weak and so tired that I didn’t even want it.

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Karine Ferreira
Day 4: Believing For a Home

“I have a prepared place for you”. That is what I heard after looking at the 15th house in our search for a home in New England. I was getting discouraged, everything was so pricey and so much work needed to be done to make most of the homes livable. I knew I didn’t want to live in a construction zone for years...because that is how long it would take to save the money and do the necessary work to make it “home”.

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Stephanie Roberts
Day 3: The Church

A church is more than a building. It’s a place, a community, a family where people are nurtured, loved, cared for and supported by one another. In a spiritual sense, we understand, from scripture, that the Church is God’s body; His Holy Habitation, His household.

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Cherine Tulloch
Day 2: The Government

God has given us a command to pray for (Kings and those in authority) our President, members of Congress, the Senate and other elected officials. This is a fundamental privilege and calling we have as Christians. This is mentioned over 20 times in the Bible.

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Steven Arbo
Day 1: God's Word

Sharper than a two-edged and powerful.  God’s Word has the power within to save a soul, heal disease, and deliver the captive.  When spoken from the mouth of a true believer, it carries authority that God backs up. As a matter of fact, God says, if you declare and decree it, it will be established. (Job 22:28 Amp.)

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Barbara Arbo