Day 9: Marriage


“ So every married man should be gracious to his wife just as he is gracious to himself. And every wife should be tenderly devoted to her husband.” - Ephesians 5:33 (TPT)

Have you ever heard the saying that “marriages are made in heaven?” Sounds wonderful and who wouldn’t want that, except that these marriages that are made in heaven, have to be lived out here on earth. Herein the challenge lies. 

We are all, by our human nature, selfish people. After working with people for over four decades, I can confidently say that selfishness is the number one reason relationships suffer and fail. Tell the truth - we all want what we want when we want it. We may be able to get by with that behavior when we are two years old, but it is not very attractive as an adult and certainly not productive.

God wants you to experience heaven on earth in your marriage and family life. It doesn’t mean life is challenge free, but it does mean, when you both make a commitment to live by the Word of God, you always have an absolute guide (truth) to go back to. If you can’t agree on anything else, agree that the Word of God has the final say in your home.

It is not about “who” is right - it is about “what” is right. God’s Word has the answers to all of your questions and is the perfect navigator as you journey through life as husband and wife. His Word will light your path.

Husbands, be gracious to your wives. Wives, be tenderly devoted to your husbands. Expect some of heaven on earth in your home!

Today’s Declaration

Father, I thank you for being the Head of our home. You have the final say in all that we do. I commit to love my spouse with the pure love that you love me with. I thank you that we don’t insist on our own rights or our own way, for we are not self-seeking, touchy or resentful. I declare that our marriage grows stronger every day because it is founded on your Word and on your love.

Verna Del Turco