Day 14: Fear Not


“Fear not; believe only.” - Luke 8:50

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. One of our co-workers just lost their job… and our first thought is “What If” I lose mine? It’s flu season and we think to ourselves… “What If” I get it? We didn’t lose our job… we didn’t get the flu… but yet we substitute the “What If” from the “What Is”. 

Throughout His life, Jesus was known for giving some great advice. He always seemed to encourage people to put their faith in “What Is” instead of “What If”. Fear is putting our trust in something that hasn’t even happened yet… or something that isn’t definite. While, faith is putting our trust in Someone or something that has already been provided for or been established. If we’re not careful, we’ll lead our lives on something that’s not even real, or that won’t stand the test of time… when we’ve got a number of  “What Is” that we can believe in.

An up and down economy? Flu season? Unsteady relationships? These and others are “What Ifs”. What can counter these “What Ifs”? The peace of God. His healing touch. His financial promises. The friendship He offers, where He’ll stick closer than a brother. These are the “What Is”. These are established. These are non-negotiables.

As we begin a new day, make it a point to build your life on the WHAT IS than the fears of “What If”.

Today’s Declaration

Fear has no place in my life. I choose to not give room to something that isn’t real or substantial. Rather, I choose to put my faith in God and in His promises. I do not fear because I’m a child of God.

David Spataro