Day 29: Agreeing with God

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“Agree with God and be at peace; thereby good will come to you. Receive instruction from His mouth and lay up His words in your heart.” - Job 22:21-22

God has good things to say about you. Health, wisdom, peace, security, protection, children who are a blessing: the Bible has amazing promises concerning your life.

If you don’t see these things in your life, or desire them to a greater capacity, it’s good to do a gut check. Do your words, thoughts and actions agree with what the Bible says? If the enemy can’t get you to stop following God, he’ll go after your mind with his oldest trick which is  challenging what God has said. We live in a world growing accustomed to constant distraction. Negativity and lies will knock our thinking out of alignment and agreement if we don’t guard what’s going into our soul and what’s coming out of our mouth.

COMING IN: What do you give your attention to, who do you listen to, read and watch? We carry in our very pockets potential access to a world of division and untruth. You can’t move in a positive direction with negative thoughts; it’s imperative that we intentionally give attention to things that add value to our lives and fruitfulness. 

GOING OUT: The words you’ll hear and most believe concerning your life are the ones coming out of your own mouth. The power of God’s Word in your life comes when it’s being repeated in your heart and coming out of your mouth. When we determine to agree with God, we will see the true power of His Word in our lives.

Today’s Declaration

I guard what I let into my mind. I watch what I let come out of my mouth. I hold my thoughts and words before God and align them to the greatness of His Word. 

Erin Friedrich