Elisabeth Tatro


Youth Team Leader

Most people have awkward, sometimes painful teenage years. Elisabeth says her goal is to be the youth leader she needed when she was growing up. Elisabeth has been leading the Junior High team of teachers since 2010 and strives to connect teens with the heart of God and their church so they will always have a firm foundation as they get older. Her favorite things about working with Junior High age students are helping then learn how much God loves them, helping them discover their purpose in life and having fun while doing it!

Elisabeth's parents were missionaries living in Liberia when she was born. Missions has always been a part of her life. She currently works as a Project Manager in the missions organization they began, Living Word Missions, and assists the IFC Missions Director, Jean-Claude Noah. She is a graduate of Teen Mania Ministries Honor Academy and Victory Bible Training Center. Shes passionate about good coffee and good friends (especially combined!), Jesus and family loving, yoga doing, thrift store roaming, nature exploring and adventure seeking.





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