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July is Family Month at IFC!

The word “family” can mean so many things. For some, it’s the traditional dad, mom, two kids, the family dog and white picket fence. For others, the word “family” carries with it bad memories, broken marriages and unfulfilled promises. Regardless of what your family experience has been, we believe that God desires for us to have success in our families and relationships and find freedom in those areas of our life. Whether you have a spouse and kids, haven’t started a family yet or your family consists of your friends, Dream Team or Life Group, there is something for everyone during Family Month.


 Sundays in July

Pastor Josh - July 7th

It doesn’t matter if you are married or single, are just starting out in life or many years into life, have a family or have friends like family. God cares about our relationships and wants each of us to live healthy successful lives.

Pastors Jonathan & Verna - July 14th

After 43 years of marriage, 40 years of parenting and decades of counseling couples and families our Pastors have a few things to say about marriage and family. It’s always a treat when they minister together so you won’t want to miss this!

Pastor Verna - July 21st

We are all busy. There’s no getting around it. But something special happens when you take the time to sit at a table with your family, your friends and your community.

You Asked For It - July 28th

We’ll finish off the month on July 28th with a Q&A panel called “You Asked For It!” Come hear our panel discuss the questions that you submitted over the past weeks.



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Family Month Groups

Throughout the month of July take advantage of a variety of different groups that will meet throughout the week at IFC and cover a variety of topics related to parenting, marriage and successful living.


Parenting Pre-School - Diane Tohline - July 9 - 9:30 AM (During VBS)
Parenting Elementary Age - Diane Tohline - July 11 - 9:30 AM (During VBS)
Moms and Their Sons - Cheryl Kiessling - July 17 - 7:00 PM 
Dads and Their Daughters - Pastor Jonathan - July 17 - 7:00 PM
Parenting the Middle School Years - Lori Tabora - July 24 - 7:00 PM
Parenting the High School Years - Pastor Josh - July 24 - 7:00 PM 

Marriage & Relationships

Prepare for Marriage - Pastor Tom - July 10 - 7:00 PM 
Resolving Conflict in Relationships - Pastor Tom - July 16 - 7:00 PM 
A Word to Wives - Pastor Verna - July 23 - 7:00 PM

Successful Living

Living On Purpose - Laura Laing - July 16 - 7:00 PM
Trusting in the Waiting - Stephanie Roberts - July 16 - 7:00 PM
Praying for your Family 
- Barbara Arbo - July 26 - 10:00 AM 



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Vacation Bible School

July 9-11, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Ages: 3 years to 5th Grade

At To Mars and Beyond VBS, your students will enjoy an interactive, energizing, Bible-based good time as they explore where God’s power can take them. They will become Voyagers and discover how to serve God and God’s mission for their lives. After a high-energy opening assembly time, voyagers make their way to different stations. Kids will get interactive Bible lessons that reveal power launcher (key learnings) to equip them for an active life with God. They will expand on their discoveries by making their own art projects at the craft station, playing games at the recreation station, and enjoying tasty treats at the snack station.

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