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Tuesday Night

1. What Every Husband Needs to Know
    Pastors Verna | For: Men

2. Say Goodbye to Insecurity
    Pastor Wendy

3. Me and the Kids (Single Parenting)
    Laura Laing

4. The Business Advantage
    Jayce Tohline

5. The Journey - Part 1 (18-25)
    Josh and Stephanie Roberts

6. What Every Wife Needs to Know
    Pastor Jonathan | For: Women

7. Master Your Money
    Jayce Tohline

8. Having an Effective Prayer Life
    Tyrone Callahan

9. Like Father, Like Son
    Bert Farias

10. The Journey - Part 2 (18-25)
    Josh and Stephanie Roberts

Wednesday Night

11. Cut the Chaos
      Pastor Verna

12. Truth Trumps Culture
      Jean-Claude Noah

13. What Your Teenager Wants You to Know
      Josh Roberts

14. Discovering Your Assignment (18-25)
      Pastor Jonathan

15. Power Parenting
      Pastors Jonathan & Verna

16. Family Health and Fitness
      Dr. Julien Dedier, MD & Jyl Dedier, RN

17. Being a People Person
      Pastor Tom

18. The Voice (18-25)
      Josh Roberts

Thursday Night

19. Men's Panel
      Pastor Jonathan, Pastor Earl,
      Jean-Claude Noah, Josh Roberts,
      Emy Vazquez, Roland Young

20. Women's Panel 
      Pastor Verna, Emily Vazquez, Laura Laing,       Erica Jones, Suzanne Young,
      Denise Darlington