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New England Women's Convention - Shine - April 3-5, 2014
Download the MP3s from the last two Family Matters below. To download, right click on the link and save the MP3s to your computer.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, click on the link to stream the class.

Workshop MP3s

2013 MP3s
His Brain, Her Brain - Pastors Jonathan & Verna

I Dare You
- Joey Roberts

Debt Reduction Strategies
- Marci Greene

Talking to Your Children About Sex
-Keith McKenney

Live the Life of Your Dreams
  Pastor Wendy Veillette

Reaching the Heart of Your Teen
  Pastor John Tasch

Don't Play it Safe
- Pastor Jonathan Del Turco

Can You Hear Me Now?
- Pastor Tom Kiessling

Birth Order: How It's Shaping Your Family
  Wendy Tatro

Living Your Faith in the Marketplace
- Brian Gault

Answers to Questions Kids Ask
  Pastor Earl & Denise Darlington

Sexual Sanity
- Pastor Verna Del Turco

Life After Debt
- Michael Greene

Weathering the Storms of Life
  Pastor Wendy Veillette

The Value of Being Accountable
- Joey Roberts

ABC's of Healthy Relationships
- Wendy Tatro

How to Set a Godly Example
  Pastor Jonathan Del Turco

2014 MP3s
How to Act When Your Spouse Acts Wrong -
  Pastors Jonathan & Verna

Live Long, Live Strong - Wendy Tatro

Pray For Surf - Josh Roberts

Financial Success 101: Security, Consistency and Generosity - Chris Friedrich

Raising Champion Children - Pastor John Tasch

Prayer That Gets Results - Barbara Arbo

You Can't Get There From Here -
  Pastor Jonathan Del Turco

What Every Couple Should Know -
  Pastor Tom Kiessling

Tools for Successful Parenting -
  Pastor John Tasch

Sounds of a Happy Home -
  Pastor Verna Del Turco

Pray For Surf 2 - Josh Roberts

Healthy Boundaries in All Relationships -
  Pastor Earl & Denise Darlington

Women's Panel -
  Pastor Verna, Denise Darlington, Suzanne Young,   Cheryl Kiessling, Melissa Kiessling & Diane Tohline

Man Up! - Pastor Earl Darlington

Prisoner of War: The Battle Within - Dr. David Duren

Men's Panel
  Pastor Jonathan Del Turco, Pastor Earl Darlington,
  Jean-Claude Noah, Pastor John Tasch,
  Josh Roberts, Jayce Tohline

Hindsight 20/20: Learning From This Mom's Mistakes   Diane Tohline