International Family Church

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Tuesday Schedule

Food...........................................5:30 - 7:00 PM
Wild West VBS and Legacy Youth.........7:00 PM
Welcome and Intro, Sanctuary.....7:00 - 7:20 PM
First Hour Classes.......................7:20 - 8:00 PM
Second Hour Classes..................8:10 - 8:50 PM
Free Ice Cream......................................8:50 PM

First Hour Classes

His Brain, Her Brain - Pastors Jonathan & Verna Del Turco
Class for: Couples   Location: Sanctuary
Learn how divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage. God's unique design of male and female results in different habits, tendencies, and those subtle perspectives, thoughts and actions that makes us wonder about our spouse. Understand and appreciate the differences and make it work for your marriage.

I Dare You - Joey Roberts
Class for: Young Adults   Location: 2nd Floor Conference Room
Choose to live wholeheartedly and enthusiastically with purpose and passion! Dare to be different...engage your passion to follow your God-given dreams and embark on the journey He has for you!

Debt Reduction Strategies - Marci Greene
Class for: Everyone   Location: Prayer Center
Are you tired of feeling guilty about being in debt? We all have weaknesses that make it easy to get into debt and hard to get out. Or maybe there have been events like divorce, layoff, health issues in your life that put you in a debt situation. Gain proven strategies that will gaurantee a debt free future.

Talking to Your Children About Sex - Keith & Pat McKenney
Class for: Parents   Location: JHigh
Sex, do we really have to talk about it? Raising children with a Biblical view of sex and relationships in a world where anything goes is absolutely essential. Set your children's future relationships up for sucess while they are young and under your care.

Live the Life of Your Dreams - Pastor Wendy Veillette
Class for: Everyone  Location: 1st Floor Conference Room
What is the dream in your heart? You can live your dream and fulfill your purpose in life because you are a person of destiny. Shape your future with God's promises in your heart and spoken out of your mouth.

Second Hour Classes

Reaching the Heart of Your Teen - Pastor John Tasch
Class for: Parents   Location: Sanctuary
Can your teens successfully survive adolescence in our culture today? Learn to parent from the heart and build solid relationships that are rewarding. Hold fast to the conviction that relationships between you and your teen aren't limited to eighteen years, but can last a lifetime.

Don't Play it Safe - Pastor Jonathan Del Turco
Class for: Young Adults   Location: JHigh
Do you have the courage to follow your heart? Press through the fear and self doubt that holds you back. Take a risk!

Can You Hear Me Now? - Pastor Tom Kiessling
Class for: Everyone   Location: 2nd Floor Conference Room
Resentment cuts you off from someone you love. Your engaged in an argument in which neither side seems to hear the other. You find yourself emotionally uptight when trying to resolve conflicts. Does that describe some of your experiences? Empower yourself with communication skills that will make you a relational person in every environment.

Birth Order: How it is Shaping Your Family - Wendy Tatro
Class for: Parents   Location: Prayer Center
Birth order affects personality, relationships, parenting style, career, and children. See how birth order influences your family dynamic. Learn how you and your child can overcome tendencies you thought you’d never be rid of.

Living Your Faith in the Marketplace - Brian Gault
Class for: Everyone   Location: 1st Floor Conference Room
The morning blues every day of the week? Twenty cups of coffee and 50 hours later you stumble into the weekend? Work doesn't have to be this way! Take Jesus with you to work each day, living your faith in the world with joy, peace, character and integrity!!

Tuesday Menu

5:30 - 7:00 PM


Kid's Meal Options - $4 each
- 4 Nuggets, one side & drink
- 2 strips, one side, a drink

Adult meal - $7
8 nuggets, or 3 strips, or half wrap, with two sides and a drink

A La Carte
$2 Fruit salad or cole slaw
$1 Chips
$3 - 8 nuggets, 3 strips
$4 - wrap