Karine Ferreira


IFC Worship Administrator

At the age of 16 Karine felt the call to worship while watching a Jesus Culture video of Kim Walker leading worship. She was drawn to the reality from where Kim Walker led worship from and it truly was in spirit and in truth. Karine has been singing her entire life and studied music at the Winchester Music School for 5 years. But for the first time in her life, she felt that her heart’s call was to help people encounter Jesus through worship. Karine and her family started coming to IFC in 2009 and Karine began serving in the IFC Worship Department shortly thereafter. Her passion for worship continued to grow as she began pursuing her dream. She learned that worship, real intimate worship is spending time with God the Father and learning more about His love. Karine desires for others to know God on a personal level as she has been able to know Him. 

Karine Ferreira is the Vocal Director and IFC Worship Administrator. Karine facilitates growth in the worship leaders and vocalists within the IFC Worship Department. She also takes care of the logistics that help the team continue to run smoothly. 




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