Laura Laing


Next Steps / Dream Team Coordinator

Laura began attending IFC when she moved to Boston in 1986 after receiving a BA in Speech Communication from the University of Nebraska. She became Pastor Verna’s assistant in 1991 and since that time has become the Director of Operations and Events and the Bookstore Manager. Laura’s love of event planning comes from her parents who owned a family restaurant in Nebraska.

The thing she likes about her job the most is being able to help people find their area of service and watching them grow and thrive there. Along with her events team, Laura enjoys providing a memorable experience and opportunity for people to connect at our events. She enjoys training - sharing the practical side of "how" we do things and the opportunity to do workshops at Family Matters and the Lead Conference.

She enjoys movies and live theater, spending time with family, cooking, sewing, politics, going for walks, playing cards, and watching football and gymnastics. When traveling she tries to visit restaurants that have been featured on the TV show Man vs Food.





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