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International Family Church Cafe Project
Life Groups Photo
Life Groups meet at IFC and in various places in the community. Find the right group for you.

Connect With Others

Our mission is to help you discover God, connect you with others and make a difference in the world. Life Groups have one simple purpose: to connect you with others! You can’t experience the full life that God has created for you without being able to share it with other people.
We realize that finding relationships like that is not always easy. Life Groups give you the opportunity to connect with other people over similar interests, share life experiences, encourage one another, and learn together in a enjoyable setting.

Life Groups

Groups for Everyone

A Life Group is a small gathering of people that meet on a regular basis who share similar interests, are at a similar stage in life or have experience in an area you would like to learn more about. Most of all, a Life Group can become a place where people know more than just your name. They are people that genuinely care about what is happening in your life as well. A variety of Life Groups meet throughout the week right here at IFC! Check out a full list of groups that meet at IFC and to get in touch with the Group Leader.