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New England Women's Convention
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Online Registration is Closed
Register at the door:
$80 or $20 per general session.
Phone and Group Registration

Phone registration is now closed. Registration at the convention will be available prior to each session.

Registration required for ages 3 and up. There is no childcare available. Registrations are non-refundable but are transferable.

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Main Hotel: Residence Inn
300 Presidential Way, Woburn, MA

Other Hotels: Red Roof Plus, Holiday Inn Express & Courtyard by Marriott - Woburn, MA


Barbara Arbo, Louise Roberts, Verna Del Turco and Cindy Black
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Terri Savelle Foy
  Terri Savelle Foy

For years, Terri Savelle Foy’s life was average. She had no dreams to pursue. Each passing day was just a repeat of the day before. Finally, with a marriage in trouble and her life falling apart, Terri made a change. She began to pursue God like never before, develop a new routine and discovered the power of having a dream and purpose.

As Terri started to recognize her own dreams and goals, she simply wrote them down and reviewed them consistently. (more...)

Nicole Wilson
  Nicole Simmons

Nicole Simmons, a native of Lawrence Massachusetts is an entrepreneur, coach and speaker who’s known for helping others maximize their potential and take action.

Nicole is a graduate of Victory Bible Training Center and former member of International Family Church.  She currently serves at World Changers Church International in Atlanta, Georgia with her best friend and loving husband Brian, where they have been members for over 10 years.



5:30 PM             Registration Opens
5:30 PM             Coming Solo
6:30 PM             Teen Open House
6:45 PM             Prayer
7:30 PM             General Session 1                          Terri Savelle Foy


8:00 AM             Registration Opens
8:15 AM             Prayer
9:00 AM             General Session 2                          Terri Savelle Foy
10:30 AM           General Session 3                          Nicole Simmons

2:30 PM             Workshop (optional)
5:30 PM             Registration Opens
5:30 PM             Coming Solo
6:30 PM             Teen Open House
6:45 PM             Prayer
7:30 PM             General Session 4                          Verna Del Turco

After Party following General Session 4


8:15 AM             Prayer
9:00 AM             Workshops
10:30 AM           General Session 5                          Barbara Arbo


Friday, May 1st - 2:30 PM

You're a Fasionista - Be Your Own Label (optional)
The pressure to stay current and not break the bank is real. Come to this interactive session where we’ll talk about fashion 101 as well as fashion myths. There will also be a mini fashion show that covers all ages, body types and ethnicities and advice from experts in fashion who have worked at Nordstrom and Victoria's Secret; hair stylists from Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa in Woburn, Ma and Green Tangerine Salon and Spa in Boston, Ma; make-up consultants and a certified fitness trainer. You don’t have to own every name brand or be a certain size to be a fashionista, you just have to know how to make fashion work for you. Be your own label.

Saturday, May 2nd - 9:00 AM

What's Your #Hashtag - Nicole Wilson
#hashtags are so common today in how we socialize with the world. They capture trends, emotions, and perspectives in a major way. We can even be categorized by them. So what is your #hashtag? What kind of message are you sending to others about YOU? Join this interactive workshop as you learn how to practically, acknowledge your gifts, discover your purpose and steward those gifts for God!

Made for more Joy: Flowing with Psalms Hymns and Spiritual Songs - Cindy Black
You were made for more JOY! Want to know how to tap that joy that you really do have on the inside? Learn how and what psalms hymns and spiritual song have to do with tapping joy and some other things on the inside of you!

Teen Girls Session - IFC Legacy Youth Team
Made for More! But what does that mean exactly for you? Do you know what you were created for? Well, there is more! Together we are going to share and ask questions on how exactly we can discover the more God has in store for us! Join us and take steps towards discovering all that God has created you for! There's More in store for you!

2014 Session Videos

        Session 1 - Caroline Barnett

        Session 2 - Barbara Arbo

        Session 3- Caroline Barnett

        Session 4 - Verna Del Turco