IFC Youth



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IFC Youth is the Junior High (6th - 8th grade) and Senior High (9th - 12th grade) ministries at International Family Church. We meet every Sunday in the IFC Youth Auditorium in all of our Sunday services. 


We want your students to know God.

Recent studies show that 70% of students will walk away from church when they graduate from high school. It's our goal to lead students into an authentic, life-altering relationship with Jesus that shows them what true life in Christ is all about. 

Students are busier than ever before. At IFC we believe that church should not be an optional part of a student's life. It is essential to be in a place where they hear the Word of God, establish strong relationships and get to know about the true character of God. 

We want to help your students find freedom.

One of our core values at IFC is that we believe true life change happens in the context of relationships - that's it's easier to build relationships in circles and not rows. It's because of this that we've incorporated small groups every week in IFC Youth. Small group environments give students and leaders opportunity for discussion, relationship building and discovery. 

We want to help your students discover purpose and make a difference

We believe that it's important for us to step outside of ourselves and serve others. This doesn't just apply to adults only. During the pre-teen and teenage years finding places of connection through service allows students to discover their gifts and learn the importance of serving other people. Our view of the world expands when we put other's needs before our own and there is no better time to learn this than during the student years.